Lili Rocha is back with a collection of some of her best songs of her twelve year career: The Best of Lili Rocha captures the artist’s versatile songs in Portuguese, Italian and English.

A true treasure for anyone who appreciates this singer’s unique style!

The Best of Lili Rocha also features two unpublished new songs: “Free Riding” and “I Will Always Be With You”, both of them written by her long-time songwriter and producer, Matthias Oertle.
“Free Riding” talks about how we all have our life, work, family, friends, and yet we always feel that something is missing, we can not be happy.
But sometimes just a little thing, such as a white rose (“A white rose changed my ways”) and here, at once, everything becomes clear, we understand that we have to change our life, listening to our heart to share, free from the shackles of the past.
And it is amazing to see how long it took us to understand how to live our lives in freedom.
Turning, live free – is a good starting point to get to happiness!